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Haunting with Exorcist makes ourselves Emotional

Every day is a new experience. We want to believe it is possible to live daily as a blank slate, making from fresh each time we open our eyes. Unless you are a Buddhist monk working toward enlightenment, it might not be in the cards for most of us. What are in the cards would be the memories and reflections we carry with us from birth. We rely on those memories for relaxation, for advice, and as lessons upon which we make decisions in our present lives.

Regrettably, not every memory was happy for many. Over and over we hear and read about tales of violence, hunger, injustice, poverty, and ill health. We hear self-help gurus tell us to get over it by confronting our fears, challenging our assumptions, and make lemonade from lemons. It is highly idealistic and for some very damaging to think their misfortune was their fault and it is up to them to reverse the tide.

We are living in anxiety producing instances. We are experiencing political, social, and physical unrest. Should you ever watch the film The Ten Commandments, there is a scene where they portray the descent of the last plague, killing of the first-born. The plague is envisioned as a fog or cloud or path of mist descending from the skies. It is an ominous visual, and viscerally brings chills because the dreadful turn of events besieges Egypt.

If you think of tales of haunted houses, the soul is often residing in the space in a bid to find closure from something in their physical lives. It is their own open-ended, unanswered questions resulting in their unrest. Our lives today are full of millions of unanswered questions. Uncertainty appears to be more the norm than the exception. It is causing many to isolate, increasing their stress and anxiety.

The events of our present world exponentially intensify the psychological and religious unrest felt for ages. The events combine together, hand in hand, wreaking havoc on the capacity to manage the stresses of everyday life. Alcohol consumption since the beginning of the pandemic is up forty-six percent. Calls to emergency lines have jumped at an alarming pace. Layoffs and shutdowns have left many feeling hopeless and, in their minds, left them with choices but to take their own lives and end the suffering.

During turbulent times, it is important to get an anchor for haunted house in Ohio. It might be an individual, religion, a clinic, or another action or belief where you are able to set down roots. We never plant a tree without attaching stabilizing poles until it is anchored itself in the floor. The same should be so for our psychological lives during times of extreme stress. We are in need of people or places we can go back to understanding the relaxation it/they provide. Practices such as this will let us be more elastic during these uncertain times.